Do HUD 223(a)(7) Loans Allow Prepayment?

Prepayment and the HUD 223(a)(7) Refinance Program

Yes, HUD 223(a)(7) loans typically allow prepayment. However, there is often a 0-2 year lockout period, during which the loan cannot be prepaid at all, followed by an 8-10% declining prepayment penalty. This means that the prepayment penalty will decline by 1% each year, starting after the lockout period ends.

For instance, if a loan had a 1-year lockout period, followed by an 8% declining prepayment penalty, and a borrower wanted to pay off the loan after the first year, they would need to pay a penalty of 8% of the remaining loan. However, if they waited until after the fourth year, they would only need to pay 5% of the remaining loan amount. After the ninth year, there would be no penalty to prepay the loan.

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